About Michel Meijer

What does something look like in a certain time, in a certain place and in certain circumstances? This question I ask myself when I'm photographing. The reason to make photographs is to show that 'something' other people.

Photography is a good manner to register: it can be a relatively quick and simple way to give a detailed picture, it gives the whole picture the equal amount of attention (the light-sensitive layer gets practical the same amount of light almost at the same time) and shows that an object exists or existed. But what value can you give that picture? Photography acts as a filter and the operation of the filter is determined by the creator of the picture.

I was born (1970) and raised in Leeuwarden (Netherlands). In Groningen (Netherlands) I studied fine arts at the school of arts Academie Minerva (1992-1998). Already during my study I used photography in art projects. After school I participated in various exhibitions in wich I show paintings, installations and photographs.

Michel Meijer